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Making Your Decision Easy
Why you will be glad when you hire Simon Hazeldine!

You have an important decision to make. You have to select the speaker for your next meeting or conference. You need someone that is going to deliver a powerful message, someone who is going give your people practical tools and techniques that they can use to improve their performance and someone who can be entertaining at the same time.
You need someone who is easy to work with both on and off the platform!

You’ll make your job easier when you hire Simon Hazeldine as your speaker. Here’s why:

  1. Simon is a true professional.
    Simon has been in the speaking business for over ten years and in that time he has spoken to thousands of people in over thirty countries around the world. He is very experienced with international audiences and working with translators.
  2. Simon is not a “prima donna!”
    Simon is professional and easy to work with.  His number one aim is to help you to achieve the goals that you want from your meeting or conference.
  3. Simon is hard hitting.
    Simon will give your people a wake up call they will never forget!  He will challenge them to achieve better results and deliver a step change in their performance.
  4. Simon is fun and entertaining.
    Simon makes people laugh. He connects with his audience and entertains them as he delivers his hard hitting message.
  5. Simon is an authority.
    As a bestselling author of five business books that have been endorsed by high profile business leaders Simon has the authority, experience and expertise to make a big impact at your event.
  6. Simon’s business is repeat business.
    Simon has a phenomenal re-booking rate.  Every year over 90% of his business is repeat business from existing client.  His clients book Simon again and again because he delivers results!
  7. Simon will make you look good!
    Simon will make sure that you look good to your boss, your colleagues and your people by delivering an exceptional speech and lasting results.

Do yourself a favour. Hire a true professional. Hire Simon Hazeldine for your next event!  Like Simon’s existing clients - you’ll be glad you did.

Please also take a look at the following .pdf documents for your information:

Simon Hazeldine Introduction

Audio / Visual Requirements

Speaker Terms and Conditions

Simon's Speaker Brochure