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“Neuro-Sell: How Neuroscience Can Power Your Sales Success”


If you want to succeed in sales you need something that gives you the edge


Simon Hazeldine’s unique “brain friendly selling” process uses cutting edge insights from neuroscience research about how customer’s minds really work to provide an effective selling system that will catapult you ahead of your competition!


Here’s just some of what you will learn:

  • How the brain functions when it makes buying decisions and how to use this to gain the selling advantage
  • How to structure your sales message to appeal to the three parts of the human brain vital to getting a “yes”
  • Why you must get the customer’s “gremlin brain” to go to sleep and how to do it
  • How to get the advantage using adaptive selling strategies that make you and your sales presentations memorable and highly effective
  • How to deliver a “brain friendly” selling message
  • The sales behaviours that the brain dislikes that will lose you the sale
  • Why you must have (at least) four very different sales presentations if you want to succeed
  • How to make yourself memorable so you get invited back
  • Discover what is really going on inside your customer’s head by reading the body language signals generated from the part of the brain that cannot lie!




The Destructive Shock Waves That Will Destroy the Foundations of Your Current Sales Success

Powerful shifts are taking place that will force organisations to change the
way they sell forever. A new reality is being created. Those that make the
change will survive in this new reality. Those what don’t will perish.


Simon Hazeldine’s powerful “Sales-Quake” keynote speech will give you an advance sneak preview into the future world of sales success.  You’d better make sure you find out before your competitors do…


Here’s just some of what you will learn:

  • The new reality within which sales people will have to be able to operate
  • The relentless march of “creative destruction” and how to take
    advantage of it
  • The impending death of direct selling and what this means for you

  • The vital change in sales behaviour that is essential if your sales team are to survive and thrive in the new reality
  • The essential actions you must take before you meet a prospect for the first time if you want to succeed in the future
  • How current methods of motivating sales people will become less and less effective
  • The sales management style that has to be replaced if you want to succeed in the new reality
  • Why cost of sales may kill your company
  • The one vital ingredient that fuels prosperity

“Bare Knuckle Selling”

How to Give Your Business Profits a Dose of Steroids


In his provocative and hard hitting keynote speech Simon Hazeldine will challenge his audience to become true leaders in their field by taking the gloves off and going bare knuckle with their competitors.  Some of the secrets Simon will expose are:

  • The 3 rules of successful selling – get these wrong and you will fail
  • The 2 psychological factors that you can use to make people buy
  • Discover the secret question that will stop you from annoying your customers and losing their business
  • 3 hypnotic selling techniques to weave into any selling situation
  • How to overcome your customer’s concerns with the 3F method
  • How to deal with price objections so that you can make more money
  • Finally revealed! The “Master Closing Method of the World’s Greatest Salespeople” - use it and join the selling elite
  • The 2A secret to stopping your competition from stealing your customers and clients

“Bare Knuckle Negotiating”

In business you don’t get what you deserve you get what you negotiate!

“Simon Hazeldine’s ‘Bare Knuckle Negotiating’ contains
powerful, practical and solid advice.”
Duncan Bannatyne
from BBC Television’s “Dragons’ Den”


In his dynamic and hard hitting keynote speech Simon Hazeldine will take you on an action packed journey through the negotiation process and along the way you will discover:

  • Why salespeople don’t make good negotiators
  • An effective five step negotiating process
  • The 2 main negotiating styles and when to use them
  • How to deal with Power Ploys
  • Why the real work only starts after the negotiation has finished
  • How to guard yourself against sneaky negotiating tricks and dirty tactics.
  • How to give a little and gain a lot!

  • When to negotiate and when not to negotiate- get this wrong and it can get very expensive!
  • The magic negotiation formula that guarantees you a great deal
  • How to motivate the other party to deliver their end of the bargain
  • Why you should never ‘meet me halfway’


“How to Raise Your Game!”


At Last! Discover the Real Truth about How You Can Perform at Higher Levels and Achieve Greater Success Than You Ever Have Before!

Are you getting tired of motivational speakers who spout out the same old, tired and almost identical content?

Are you getting a bit bored of being told:

“Think positively and everything will be OK”
“Just believe in yourself and you can get what you want”
“Set goals and you’ll be successful”


If you are then get ready for something different – very different!


In order to receive his Masters Degree in the Psychology of Performance Simon Hazeldine conducted extensive research and in-depth interviews with exceptional performers (including Special Forces soldiers, Olympic athletes and self-made billionaires) in order to define their unique mind-set.

As a result Simon Hazeldine is uniquely qualified (unlike the vast majority of motivational speakers) to expose the real truth about what it takes to succeed at exceptional levels.


Far too many motivational speakers deliver rehashed second hand stories and inaccurate content about what it takes to succeed.  Simon Hazeldine is different. 


Simon Hazeldine tells the truth.  He tells it how it really is…


Here are just some of the powerful secrets Simon exposes:

  • Find out why Roger Bannister did not break the four minute mile barrier
  • Discover why having a positive attitude is not as important as you have been led to believe
  • Find out the real truth about goal setting – far too many motivational speakers are ignorant of the real facts and seem content to trot out the same old scientifically inaccurate rubbish!
  • Discover what overweight people who eat in McDonalds can teach you about success
  • All high achievers possess five distinct thinking habits – do you want to know what they are?
  • Discover the three secrets of the billionaire brain – find out why billionaires don’t set goals

Simon Hazeldine’s “How to Raise Your Game!” keynote speech will give you a wake up call that you will never forget!


“Performance Leadership”

The Role of the Leader in Creating a High Performance Organisation


Simon Hazeldine’s ‘Performance Leadership’ keynote speech is impactful and provocative. It challenges and motivates leaders to focus on the single most important responsibility of a leader.


In today’s increasingly harsh business environment Simon’s speech provides an essential and highly practical ‘crash course’ in maximising organisational performance.


Some of the powerful concepts covered include:

  • What leadership is REALLY about…
  • The 5 questions EVERYONE in an organisation MUST be able to answer but probably can’t…
  • 5 vital keys to MAXIMISING PERFORMANCE and improving business results.
  • How to quickly classify people and decide who should be retained and     developed      and who must go.
  • How leaders can create a HIGH PERFORMANCE ENVIRONMENT that brings out the very best in their people.
  • How successful leaders win the hearts and minds of their people and DRIVE BOTTOM LINE PROFITS.
  • Revealed – the number one way to get people to WANT to go ‘the extra mile’.
  • Discover the 3 LEADERSHIP ACTIONS that 90% of people’s behaviour at work is determined by…


“Thanks for a brilliant session yesterday.  You were impeccably masterful in engaging all our attention, fully in command of all your fascinating subject matter while building useful linkages, and with a very special and frankly quite rare focus on
our member-clients rather then yourself.”

Jeremy Thorn
Senior Executive Leadership Forum

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